Our Deliverables

The public results of the CICERONE project developed by our partners are available for download in this section.

  • D1.1 Overview report on definition and concept of the Circular Economy in a European Perspective
  • D1.2 Report on current state of the art & understanding of the Circular Economy
  • D1.3 Report on experiences with the implementation of Circular Economy outside Europe
  • D1.4 Framework for a circular economy strategic planning
  • D1.5 Synthesis report on performance and coverage assessment of existing CE R&I programs
Research & Innovation Priorities
  • D2.1 SRIA
  • D2.2 Guidance on methodology for constant update
  • D2.3 Report on ex ante impact assessment
Implementation Pathway
  • D3.1 Strategic design of the platform
  • D3.2 Benchmark of governance and financing models of European clusters and platforms
  • D3.3 Business model options and financial plan for the platform
  • D3.4 Governance model and statutes for the platform
  • D3.5 Policy Toolkit and Roadmap
  • D3.6 Institutional capacitybuilding strategic agenda
  • D3.7 MOOC for programme owners
  • D3.8 Implementation Plan
  • D3.9 Lessons learned and recommendations for future coordinated implementation
Stakeholder Engagement
  • D4.1 Stakeholder engagement action plan
  • D4.2 Report on survey of programme owners
  • D4.3 Online engagement and cascading plan
  • D4.4 Final report on stakeholder engagement
  • D4.5 Proceedings of Workshop #1
  • D4.6 Proceedings of Workshop #2
  • D4.7 Proceedings of Workshop #3
  • D4.9 Final report on online consultation
Dissemination & Communication
  • D5.1 Dissemination and communication strategy
  • D5.3 Report on publication and distribution of the SRIA
  • D5.4 Proceedings of CICERONE final conference, inl. Declaration of Intent by POs
  • D5.5 Functional specifications of multistakeholder portal
Project Management
  • D6.4 Intermediate Advisory Board recommendations for the future platform
  • D6.5 Final Advisory Board recommendations for the future platform